Muslimeto Core Plugin



This project model was an online school, which its main objective was to replace the Bookly form functionality for booking events and checking the availability of service providers ( staff members ), so I worked on a custom empty plugin blueprint on these features:

  • ¬†Integration between different Bookly components ( events calendar, checking availability for service providers including ( schedules, breaks, days off, holidays, and appointments ).
  • Conversion between different timezones regarding DST for both customers and service providers.
  • Shortcode attendance table for school appointments with total hours and late mins calculations.
  • Setting cron jobs to update the custom table with data from Keap and Zoho API.
  • Post and get data to Gravity forms using rest API, and native functions.
  • Extending Bookly calendar template and classes for customization.
  • Making custom table for billing status using CRM data to automate actions (activate, suspend, and cancellation) of programs based on collected data.


Enhancing user experience through different views using:

  • Custom theme layout for classes, class dashboard, attendance table, and calendar.
  • Updating page components using ajax and template parts.
  • Custom theme options using the Redux framework.


Ui & Design

Technical Sheet